(Over)Living with Reflexes

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Movement Therapy for your Psyche. How you get a diagnosis and treat yourself with the RIP Reflex Integration Program

Product Information

More and more children and young people in Germany suffer from mental illnesses – these complaints usually last a lifetime.

According to the latest studies, 18 percent of children and young people in Germany are mentally disturbed. In many cases, the cause of this is early childhood reflexes that have never been properly treated and continue to have a negative effect well into adulthood.

Early childhood – also known as persistent – ​​reflexes are one of the most common triggers for mental illnesses in children and adolescents. They have so far been considered to be hardly explored and have only been sparsely analysed. Modern science has been searching for decades for effective solutions to rid these people of their ailments once and for all.

The German child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Meyers and mototherapist Renate Hohmann have devoted their life's work to the study of reflexes and their treatment. In doing so, they came to groundbreaking insights that anyone affected can imitate in the comfort of their own home in the form of simple strategies that can be implemented immediately.

The RIP® is the result of years of research, summarized in a practical therapy method.

Dr. Meyers, known for his effective and beginner-friendly methods, and Renate Hohmann show, how movement therapy could heal you, a family member or your patients.

Parents, children and young people, those affected and their relatives can finally declare war on the reflexes. However, specialists such as doctors, therapists, psychologists and neurologists can also find the answers to their questions here and can benefit in many ways from the specialist knowledge that is being published in the new edition for the first time.

Benefit from practical methods in this book and find out how you can use targeted movement therapy...

    anxiety disorders,
    panic attacks,
    ADD and ADHD,
    the Tourette syndrome,
    Dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc. can effectively alleviate.

This book provides those affected (parents and their children) as well as doctors and therapists with valuable know-how for the effective treatment of persistent early childhood reflexes.

The serious impairments may soon come to an end. Give yourself, your child or your patients the chance of a new life - and get this book in its latest version.

Order your personal copy of Volume 2 today and receive the practical guide to treating early childhood reflexes. For a well-founded overview, we recommend the corresponding volume 1 "Live or die" (available now).


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